IAC Student Programme

21-28 September 2013 IAF & ISEB Programmes

43rd Student Conference

IAC technical sessions E2.1, E2.2 and E2.3: Undergraduate and graduate level students (no more than 28 years of age) present technical papers on any project in space sciences, industry or technology. The students presenting in this session will compete in the 43rd International Student Competition.

Luigi G. Napolitano Award

The Luigi G. Napolitano Award is presented annually by the Space Education and Outreach Committee (SEOC) of the International Astronautical Federation to a young scientist, below 30 years of age, who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the aerospace science and has given a paper at the International Astronautical Congress on the contribution.

Tsinghua University IAF-SUAC International Student Workshop

28 September 2013 – Tsinghua University

This workshop is organised in cooperation with Tsinghua University and the International Astronautical Federation – Space University Administrative Committee (IAF-SUAC) in conjunction with the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 23-27 September 2013 in CNCC, Beijing, China.

20 students will present their research in front of an assembly of peers and senior space experts on the following topics:

  • Near earth orbit science and exploration projects with space station/lib and satellites;
  • Deep space sciences and exploration projects with lunar/mars rover and others;
  • Innovation in satellite/spacecraft technologies and applications;

The best presentation will be awarded.


The ISEB Student Programme is organised by the International Space Education Board (ISEB), composed of the education offices of the European Space Agency, or ESA; the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA; the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA; the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, or CNES; the Victorian Space Science Education Centre, or VSSEC; the Korean Aerospace Research Institute, or KARI, the South African National Space Agency, or SANSA and other agencies and organisations.
The ISEB sponsor students to attend the IAC, has a booth in the exhibition and organize a programme for its students called “ISEB programme”, which is also open to all students attending the IAC

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