2016 IPMC - Young Professionals Workshop

2016 International Project/Programme Management Committee Young Professional Workshop – IPMC YP Workshop

The goal of the IPMC YP Workshop is to gather inputs from young professionals in the international space community to gain the knowledge they need to better develop and empower the next generation workforce. For that purpose, three working groups conducted research on three different topics:

  • Low-cost and high-performance space projects: How do you improve Project Management processes, methodology and tools for innovative agile low-cost and high-performance space project?
  • Knowledge management in the aerospace sector: Identify and assess the existing knowledge management practices in the Aerospace Industry and propose recommendations for the future
  • 5 years of IPMC Workshop: practice and aspirations: Which recommendations and conclusions made by the YP workshop are proven by practical realizations? From the YP perspective, which are the first steps to be undertaken to update and implement past recommendations?

The observations and recommendations from these three working groups will be explained and discussed on Sunday 25 September 2016 in Events Ballroom 7 (Salon de Eventos 7), gathered in the IPMC YP Workshop report and delivered to the IPMC participants, their member organizations and the other member organizations of the IAF.

We encourage everyone to join us on Sunday 25 September afternoon from 1h30 PM in Events Ballroom 7 for the presentations and Q&A on the three research topics outlined above.

Additional information on the IAF and the IPMC can be found at http://www.iafastro.org/ as well as http://iac2016.org/. Questions on the Young Professionals Workshop can be addressed to ipmc.yp.workshop@gmail.com.

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2016 IPMC Young Professionals Workshop Organising Committe

B. Hartman, A. Meier, L. Antoniadis, M. Adriaensen

IPMC YP Workshop 2016 Call for Delegates:

The reports from earlier Young Professionals Workshops are available below:

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