Opening the Market Aperture for New Start Opportunities

Tuesday 26 September 2017, 15:30 – 16:30
Location: Adelaide Convention Center – Hall D

Opening the market aperture in context of the future of low earth orbit to include discussion about the International Space Station, access to low earth orbit, demand and applications in low Earth orbit, Australia and regional opportunities in low earth orbit.

In order for a viable, sustainable economy based on human spaceflight to emerge in low Earth orbit (LEO), a number of elements must be present. First, the market¬place dynamics of supply and demand must exist. Second, the overwhelming reliance on government demand and public procurement must be transitioned to a market in which industry and other private sector demand is the primary market force, met by industry supply. The transition from government-led to private sector–led human spaceflight activity in LEO constitutes a great experiment in the development of global spaceflight capabilities, and the careful management of the dynamics of this transition will be of paramount importance.

The panelists will be invited to discuss what can be done to promote opportunities for agencies, industry (large and small) and governments that enable economic development of low Earth orbit.



Vice president and general manager, The Boeing Company

United States of America



Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Planet

United States of America


President & CEO, Axiom Space, LLC

United States of America

Oliver Juckenhoefel

Senior Vice President On-Orbit Services and Exploration, Airbus Defence and Space

Richard DalBello

Vice President Business Development and Government Affairs, Virgin Galactic L.L.C

Alexander Derechin

Deputy General Director, Business Development and International Activity, RSC Energia

Sam Scimemi

Director, International Space Station, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

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