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2417 Abstracts accepted from 67 different Countries !

The abstract selection process is now closed and all authors have been notified about the results. 2417 abstracts have been accepted of the 3417 that was submitted. Of these abstracts 1911 are accepted for an oral presentation and 506 are accepted for an interactive presentation.

All abstracts accepted for the congress will be presented as either oral or as interactive presentations. As usual they will be published in the IAC proceedings and in the IAC Paper Archive. New for this year is that the IAC papers will also be indexed in the largest cited reference enhanced multidisciplinary databases: Elsevier’s SCOPUS and Compendex.

Thank you for your contributions to create an exceptional technical programme!

If you need any more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Speakers who missed the deadline or who wish to make changes to their presentations can still do so onsite in the Speaker Preparation Room.

Opening hours:

  • Sunday 24 September: 14:00 – 18:00
  • Monday 25 September to Thursday 28 September: 08:30 – 18:00
  • Friday 29 September: 08:30 – 13:00


  • Adelaide Convention Centre, Hall L.

IMPORTANT Schedule Changes for Friday, 29 September

  • Friday morning technical sessions have been moved from 09:00 to 11:00
  • Friday afternoon technical sessions have been rescheduled from 11:00 to 13:00
  • Please check the TS Schedule for latest updates.

The Full Technical Programme for IAC 2017 is now available:
(incl. sessions per date/time/room; list of presentations; list of authors and abstracts in PDF)

Technical Keynotes IAC2017

Building the STEM Pipeline with Rockets, UAVs and CubeSats

Symposium: E1 SPACE EDUCATION AND OUTREACH • Session: 6 – Calling Planet Earth – Space Outreach to the General Public • Time: 15.15 • Room: Panorama Room 3

Implications of Advances in Hyper-Modular Space Solar Power Architectures for Terrestrial Energy and the Development & Settlement of Space

Symposium: C3 SPACE POWER • Session: 1 – Space-Based Solar Power Architectures / Space & Energy Concepts • Time: 15.15 • Room: City Room 1

Development Status of the Cryogenic Oxygen/Hydrogen YF -77 Engine for Long-March 5

Symposium: C4 SPACE PROPULSION • Session: 1 – Propulsion System (1) • Time: 15.15 • Room: Hall E3

The Outer Space Treaty – its first Fifty Years

Symposium: E7 60th IISL COLLOQUIUM ON THE LAW OF OUTER SPACE • Session: 1 – 9th Nandasiri Jasentuliyana Keynote Lecture on Space Law and Young Scholars Session • Time: 09.45 • Room: Meeting Room L2

Small satellites: an initiative and a continuous support by the IAA

Symposium: B4 24th IAA SYMPOSIUM ON SMALL SATELLITE MISSIONS • Session: 9-GTS.5 – Small Satellite Missions Global Technical Session • Time: 14.45 • Room: Riverbank 2

Boris Novozhilov: Life and Contribution to the Physics of Combustion

Symposium: C4 SPACE PROPULSION • Session: 2 – Propulsion System (2) • Time: 09.45 • Room: Hall E3

Electric Propulsion: Gearing Up for a Spacefaring Future

Symposium: C4 SPACE PROPULSION • Session: 4 – Electric Propulsion • Time: 14.45 • Room: Hall E3


Symposium: C1 ASTRODYNAMICS • Session: 5- Guidance, Navigation & Control (3) • Time: 14.45 • Room: Hall A


Symposium: C4 SPACE PROPULSION • Session: 3 – Propulsion Technology (1) • Time: 09.45 • Room: Hall E3

Paolo Santini Memorial Lecture: Materials and Structures Technology insertion into Spacecraft Systems: Successes and Challenges

Symposium: C2 MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES • Session: 4 – Advanced Materials and Structures for High Temperature Applications • Time: 09.45 • Room: Panorama Room 2

Exploration and the International Space Station

Symposium: A1 SPACE LIFE SCIENCES • Session: 4 – The International Space Station in LEO and the Deep Space Habitat in Cis‐Lunar Space as platforms for simulated Mars voyages • Time: 09.45 • Room: City Room 2

Technology Needs for Exploiting Asteroid Resources

Symposium: A3 SPACE EXPLORATION • Session: 4A – Small Bodies Missions and Technologies (Part 1) • Time: 09.45 • Room: Hall N

Progress and challenges of small satellite propulsion systems

Symposium: C4 SPACE PROPULSION • Session: 8-B4.5A – Joint Session between IAA and IAF for Small Satellite Propulsion Systems • Time: 11.00 • Room: Hall E3

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