Aircraft Parabolic Flight Campaigns for Microgravity and Student Experiments

Tuesday 2 October 2018, 14:45 – 15:45
Location: Bremen Conference Center – CCB Hansesaal

ircraft parabolic flight is well known as test opportunity for experiments in zero-g and partial-g conditions since many years.

Aircraft parabolic Flight covers the areas of fundamental research, spaceflight equipment test, human spaceflight training as well as educational purposes. The film industry uses zero-g aircraft for special effects and meanwhile even private individuals can book tickets for zero-g flights.

A few nations provide parabolic flight opportunities with large aircraft (Boeing, Airbus) mainly paid and organized by space agencies (ESA, DLR, CNES, NASA, etc.). In addition there are several providers with smaller aircraft.

Aircraft parabolic flight is a perfect example of international and global cooperation and networking since the number of providers worldwide is rather low. Student campaigns are highlights in national and international education programs and are very attractive. Last not least the growing commercial space market can benefit from zero-g and partial-g flight opportunities.

The panel discussion will address the following topics:

  • The past, the present and the future of parabolic flight
  • Student programs: What can be learned with parabolic flight programs?
  • What makes parabolic flight attractive as test platform for scientific research and testing
  • The perspective of parabolic flight in a changing “space market” – chances for private enterprises

The panel consists of speakers from space agencies, program managers, scientists and providers.

Organized by:

IAF Microgravity Sciences and Processes Committee


Vladimir PLETSER

Space Operations Training Director, Blue Abyss


Markus BRAUN

Head of Space Life Sciences Programme, German Aerospace Center (DLR)


Test Flight Engineer, National Research Council

Jean-Baptiste RENARD

Scientist, The National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)


Project Manager MIGROP Parabolic Flight, GERADTS GMBH


Programme Coordinator for Gravity-Related University Student Experiments, European Space Agency (ESA)

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