Including Everyone in Lunar Exploration

Tuesday 2 October 2018, 09:45 – 11:15
Location: Bremen Conference Center – DLR Hall

The international space community is focusing its attention on the challenge and excitement of establishing a permanent human presence beyond LEO. Now 50 years after the first Apollo mission, the idea of humans inhabiting the moon is becoming a reality. The Orion Spacecraft’s journey to the Moon in 2019, NASA’s plans for the Deep Space Gateway, and a wide array of private initiatives are just a few examples of work that’s well underway. The current international focus on lunar missions is fueling innovation – necessitating support from reusable lunar landers, In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) facilities, and possibly even the European concept of a Moon Village as an open architecture where all players contribute. NASA and ESA are open to investigating the role of commercial companies to provide payload delivery services to the lunar surface. Today’s global space industry sector – traditional companies and new space — holds the keys to technology, talent, resources, and capabilities needed to usher in this next phase of human space exploration. Collaboration between international enterprises, both large and small, will be essential to achieve these goals. Lunar exploration is the global enterprise that will inspire young students to choose an aerospace career and be a crucial part of this great vision. The session moderator will set the stage by describing how the “lightning round” speakers will cover all aspects of lunar exploration – technology, programmatic, policy, economic/societal, and education/workforce. The series of speakers– representing large and small companies, educators, and venture capitalists will offer fast-paced presentations in their area of expertise, and the moderator with facilitate questions from the audience in the last half hour.

Organized by:

IAF Industry Relations Committee



Executive Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy, Voyager Space Holdings Inc.

United States



Astronaut, Acting Director, Advanced Programs Civil Space, Lockheed Martin Corporation

United States


General Secretary, ArianeGroup SAS

Maria Antonietta PERINO

Director for Space Economy Exploration and International Network, Thales Alenia Space Italia



Senior Vice President On-Orbit Services and Exploration, Airbus Defence and Space

Nicolas FABER

COO, Blue Horizon


Managing Director, OffWorld Europe

United States

Karsten BECKER

Deputy CTO and Head of Electronics, PTScientists


Director, NASA MIRO Center for Space Exploration & Tech Research, University of Texas at El Paso


Global Sales and Marketing Director, Space Exploration, The Boeing Company

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