A3.1 NASA Science under the National Space Exploration Campaign

Session: 1 – Space Exploration Overview
Room: 146B
Time: 15:00

With the signing of Space Policy Directive-1 (SPD-1) in December of 2017, NASA was directed to explore “across the solar system and to bring back to Earth new knowledge and opportunities.” Charged to lead an expanded, sustainable program of human exploration with international and commercial partners, NASA’s response to SPD-1 was to develop the National Space Exploration Campaign, which serves as a roadmap of plans to expand human activities in LEO and presence to the moon, to Mars, and to deep space. The campaign has five strategic objectives. This paper will provide an overview of NASA’s scientific activities currently underway to support these objectives, including how various programs are aligned to promote collaboration for successful scientific outcomes. Future potential scientific trajectories within the agency will also be discussed.

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