D1.2 Mission and Spacecraft Design Challenges of the Sun-Earth L5 Point Lagrange Space Weather Monitoring Mission

Session: 2 – Space Systems Architectures
Room: 145B
Time: 09:45

As part of its SSA Programme, ESA has initiated a study to define an operational system to monitor, predict and disseminate space weather information. It will generate alerts to a wide user community in sectors like space-based communications, human spaceflight, broadcasting, and many others. A key asset will be a space-based observatory, to be placed at the Sun-Earth L5 point. This paper will present an in-depth discussion of the mission and spacecraft design challenges. A distinguishing feature is that it will be the first ever deep-space mission providing an operational service. The resulting implications on the spacecraft design and autonomy will be highlighted in this paper. From a mission point of view, a narrow orbit about the L5 point needs to be established by means of a suitable transfer and manoeuvre strategy. This fixed geometry has several implications on the spacecraft and its subsystems, which will be elaborated in this paper.


Director Predevelopment, Space System Studies & Proposals, OHB System AG-Bremen

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