E1.4 Experience and Findings by Kyushu Institute of Technology to Have a Successful Space Capacity Building Program

Session: 4 – In Orbit – Postgraduate Space Education
Room: 144C
Time: 09:45

Small satellites, especially CubeSats, are ideal entrance for developing countries to join the space sector. There is a strong demand for human resource development programs, i.e. capacity building, through small satellite projects. There have been various training programs offered by institutions in space faring countries. Many programs, however, failed because they had lack of hands-on experience and did not cover the entire satellite system life cycle. The keys to success are to have trainees experience the complete cycle from mission definition to operation and to have strategy for sustainability after the training. Since 2011, Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) has been engaged in the capacity building activities in collaboration with United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs. In 2013, Kyutech initiated Space Engineering International Course, a post-graduate educational curriculum offered in English. This presentation reviews our past experience and findings with emphasis on importance of hands-on and sustainability.

Mengu CHO

Professor, Winner of the Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal, Kyushu Institute of Technology

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