IAF Excellence in “3G” Diversity Award Ceremony

Day: Wednesday 14 October
Time: 13:40-14:00 CEST

The IAF Excellence in “3G” Diversity Award recognizes IAF member organizations (industry, government, academia) worldwide for outstanding contributions to the fostering of “3G” (Geography, Generation, Gender) Diversity within the space sector. This year, the award recipient is the European Space Agency, for their commitment to create a modern and inclusive working environment and striving to enhance the innovative perspectives brought in by a diverse pool of talents. Under the leadership of the Director General Jan Wörner, ESA has committed to raise the values of Diversity & Inclusiveness high on the Agency's corporate agenda. The appointment of a Chief Diversity Officer and the continued, strong support of all, including Directors and managers, have contributed to implementing relevant actions and achieving important results that will be further pursued and enhanced to ensure that ESA can move even faster in this direction. The presentation by Ersilia Vaudo, Chief Diversity Officer, ESA will provide an overview on ESA’s initiatives in pursuing greater diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), as well as in the space sector in particular, including by fostering the attractiveness of space careers. The talk will discuss the challenges that ESA, as an international organization, faces in combining the different aspects of diversity as well as the opportunities that the current demographic configuration will offer to inject young and diverse energies into the work of the Agency. The presentation will also touch upon other key areas of focus for ESA’s D&I agenda, as well as the initiatives with other organizations to join forces on D&I common objectives and make ESA D&I values visible to the outside world.


IAF past President


President, President of Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)

Introduction and Announcement


Lead, External Engagements, Lockheed Martin Corporation


Lecturer, Department of International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Keynote Presentation:


Chief Diversity Officer, European Space Agency (ESA)