Horizon 2061 Planetary Exploration Foresight: Science, Missions, Technology, Infrastructures & International Stakeholders

Day: Thursday 28 October
Time: 15:45 -16:45 GST
Location: Sheikh Rashid Hall F, Dubai World Trade Centre

The main objective of the "Horizon 2061 planetary exploration" long-term community foresight exercise is to progressively build the contours of the four "pillars" :

  • the important science questions that planetary exploration addresses;
  • the broad spectrum of space missions that need to be flown to address these science questions;
  • the enabling technologies that we will need to master in the coming decades to fly these missions;
  • the technical infrastructures and services, space-based and ground-based, that will be needed to support the planetary exploration missions and maximize their science return.

We also also seeked the contribution of international actors, industry, stakeholders, academia and SGAC young professionals.

The Horizon 2061 exercise has been implemented in three successive steps. Its third step, the "Horizon 2061 synthesis workshop", was organized by IRAP and OMP and will be hosted on the Toulouse Aerospace Campus from September 11th to 13th, 2019. A joint EPSC-DPS meeting in Geneva (Horizon 2061 oral session) was in preparation for the writing of a multi-author book gathering its conclusions . This Horizon 2061 exercise was presented at the COSPAR General Assembly in Sydney, Australia (January 2021) .


Michel BLANC

Professor Emeritus, Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (IRAP)




Chief Scientist for Space Science in the Space Exploration Sector, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

United States

Bernard FOING

Executive Director, International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG), EuroMoonMars, Chair IAF ITACCUS Committee


Maria Antonietta PERINO

Director for Space Economy Exploration and International Network, Thales Alenia Space Italia