How to Develop a Sustainable Lunar Surface Infrastructure

Day: Thursday 28 October
Time: 11:25 -12:25 GST
Location: Sheikh Rashid Hall F, Dubai World Trade Centre

The major spacefaring nations are embarked in a coordinated international effort to sustain space exploration beginning at the International Space Station and moving to lunar orbit and lunar surface and then Mars. The international Lunar Gateway, a human-tended facility in orbit around the Moon, is the next step beyond LEO in the global journey to Mars.

A Moon surface infrastructure will complement the opportunities that the Lunar Gateway offers to develop a sustainable human space exploration. It will allow to validate capabilities and enabling technologies for Mars (landers, rovers, protections from the cosmic radiations…) and will offer in-situ resources.

The panelist will discuss the main elements required to initiate the Moon surface infrastructure and will present the current plans at international level to contribute to its open architecture.

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Maria Antonietta PERINO

Director for Space Economy Exploration and International Network, Thales Alenia Space Italia



Timothy CICHAN

Space Exploration Architect, Lockheed Martin Corporation

United States


Acting Deputy Associate Administrator (DAA) for Systems Engineering and Integration across Human Spaceflight, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

United States


Mission Management & Operations Manager, The Boeing Company

United States

Ludovic DUVET

European Large Logistic Lander (EL3) Study Manager, European Space Agency (ESA)

United Kingdom

Barbara IMHOF

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Director, LIQUIFER Systems Group (LSG)



Director of New Initiatives and Customer Solutions Development in the Domain Exploration and Science, Thales Alenia Space Italia



Senior Vice President, Space Systems Development, Blue Origin

United States