The Need for Laser Communication as the Backbone of Future LEO, MEO and GEO Satellite Constellations

Day: Tuesday 26 October
Time: 17:25 -17:55 GST
Location: Sheikh Rashid Hall F, Dubai World Trade Centre

Numerous companies and governmental organizations planning constellations of thousands of satellites are driving an aerospace network connectivity market experiencing a profound upward inflection point.

These constellations – globe-spanning networks of interconnected satellites – promise to enhance Earth observation, support the Internet of Things, and deliver high-speed, ultra-secure connectivity to the estimated half of the world's population still without internet in areas where connectivity is either non-existent or highly unreliable.

The demand for bandwidth that these networks require can only be properly delivered using optical inter-satellite links: routing user information on-demand and with minimum delay.

We would like to update IAC 2021 delegates and attendees on the laser communication technology, the best approach and usage of laser communications for mega-constellations, the qualification status of the inter-satellite link terminal program and introduce Mynaric's roadmap for carrying forward commercialization and for large scale serial production.

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