Plenary programme

Find here all the Plenaries and Highligh Lectures that have been accepted for the IAC 2021!

The IAC Plenary Programme features an exciting selection of high-level Plenary Events, Highlight Lectures and Late-breaking News Sessions.

Find here the preliminary plenary programme that has been selected by the IAF International Programme Committee Steering Group (IPC SG) for the IAC 2021 in Dubai!

At IAC 2021 will be held 7 Plenaries and 3 Highlight Lectures. All sessions will present the latest news and major innovations in space activities related to different fields: exploration, industry, emerging countries, next generation, environment, life-saving applications, and many others. A Highlight Lecture will be dedicated to the recipient of the prestigious IAF World Space Award.

The PE and HLL accepted proposals are:

Confirmation of intent: 30 April 2021.