Gaming Out Conflict and Cooperation Scenarios in Lunar Surface Development

Time: 16:30-18:00
Room: Sheikh Rashid B
Format: Workshop

"Calling all space strategists, explorers, architects, and policy makers! Do you enjoy tabletop, roleplaying, negotiation or strategy games? Are you passionate about managing conflict within international lunar development? The SGAC Space Exploration Project Group has a challenge for you!

This fast-paced, highly interactive strategy and negotiation game simulates international cooperation and competition as nations seek to advance their own lunar infrastructure development alongside one another. Visit our rules packet ( and arrive early!"


Antonino SALMERI

Space Lawyer, Lunar Policy Platform



Aleksandra KOZAWSKA

Service Designer & Founder, ODIS Design for Space



Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin Corporation

United States

Shayna HUME

PhD Student, CU Boulder

United States

Mohammed MILHIM

Mechanical Engineering Student, Jordan University of Science & Technology



Since this is going to be an interactive workshop in a form of a game, we don't have speakers as such since the moderators will be the ones running the sessions and the workshop participants will provide the content.