A new innovative satellite platform for existing missions like the Arctic Weather Satellite and MATS

Day: Sunday 18 September
Time: 16:30 - 17:00 CEST
Location: Room N01, Level 3, Hall 7, Paris Convention Centre

The experience of 30 years of proven success from a wide range of space missions in low and geostationary orbit has gone into the development of a new and already flight proven satellite platform. The platform named InnoSat is built around a set of core elements that can be re-used (both hardware and software) whilst offering high performance in terms of pointing, stability, power, data downlink and autonomy.

Among the early utilisers of the new satellite platform are:

  • ESA, Arctic Weather Satellite (launch planned for 2024)
  • European Union, EU Horizon 2020 IOD/IOV 8 (launch planned for 2024)
  • Swedish National Space Agency, MATS is a scientific mission, created by the Department of Meteorology (MISU) at Stockholm University (launch planned late for 2022)

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Managing Director, OHB Sweden AB