Fostering Disruptive Innovation through Open Collaboration in the Space Industry

Day: Thursday 22 September
Time: 13:45 - 14:45 CEST
Location: Room N01, Level 3, Hall 7, Paris Convention Centre

The objective of this roundtable is to show the beneficial effects of open source hardware and software as a new basis for open collaboration in space. This panel will illustrate a wide range of space-related fields to which open source can be applied, from telecommunications to ISRU and satellite propulsion. Open source will allow a broader inclusion of talent and ideas from a wide range of backgrounds.

With speakers from a wide range of industries (core research, information technology, non governmental organisations, higher education), the panel will bring the argument that open collaboration is becoming the standard in other sectors, as well as a guide for possible implementation in the space industry.

The panel will start from the impact of open source on business and innovation acceleration in the IT industry, with examples such as the Linux operating system or the OpenStack cloud orchestration suite.

It will also explain how open source requires a new vision of intellectual property, and of where value creation lies, as well as discuss the possible limitations related to export control policies.

Open source will also be demonstrated a key way to accelerate the creation of standards in the space industry. The panel speakers would highlight the need for a clear and open framework for collaboration, as well as well-defined, shared values.

The impact of online collaboration tools will be demonstrated, as well as the opportunities provided by distributed collaborative prototyping facilities around the world, on the FabLabs model.

In the end, this panel discussion will not only show the benefits of open collaboration, but also show it to be the only way to keep up with and accelerate the pace of innovation in the industry.


Benjamin JEAN

CEO, Inno3



Myriam AYASS

Section Leader of the IP management and KT policies section & Legal Advisor, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)


Louis David BENYAYER

Strategy Consultant, Affiliate Professor, ESCP Business School


Anne Lise COUDRY

Vice President, Open Space Makers


Philippe KRIEF

Director Research Relations, The Eclipse Foundation