Collaboration on Axiom Station: Enabling the Future of Humanity in Space

Time: 11:35 - 12:45
Room: N03
Format: Campfire

Axiom Space is building the next generation space station – Axiom Station - in low Earth orbit (LEO), with Space For All! Using an innovative approach to “campfire storytelling”, combining Virtual Reality (VR) and facilitated audience interaction, participants in this Special Session will join with key Axiom leaders and astronauts to explore humanity’s future in LEO, ‘touring’ Axiom Station in VR and brainstorming new uses and users of space infrastructure. Join us as we engage in virtual envisioning, designing, and exploring our next home in LEO!


Mary Lynne DITTMAR

Chief Government and External Relations Officer, Axiom Space, LLC

United States



Chief of the Astronaut Office and Ax-1 Mission Commander, Axiom Space, LLC

United States


Chief Technology Officer and Director of Engineering, Axiom Space, LLC

United States

Christian MAENDER

Executive Vice President of In-Space Solutions, Axiom Space, LLC

United States