E6.2 New Economy for Commercial Sustainability Driving Space Resources Utilization and PPP

Session: Finance and Investment: The Practitioners' Perspectives
Day: Tuesday 20.09.2022
Time: 10:15
Room: 733/734


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

United States

Rainer HORN

Managing Partner, SpaceTec Capital


The space economy is evolving and marked by increased public and private partnerships (PPP). Our government agencies are actively welcoming the investment community to enhance the development of the commercial potential of space and space-related markets. The new space finance and investment approach foster a profound transformation of the space industry. With more countries and companies looking to launch ambitious extended-duration missions in space, the Moon, and beyond, there is a need for a more global, accessible, and diverse new space economy. Therefore exploring space resource utilization is highly relevant to our time wherein States have not only legally accounted for future resource exploitation but in which many countries and companies plan to establish permanent infrastructure in multiple off-world locations.

The proliferation of disruptive aerospace companies in the USA, such as SpaceX and others, is indeed a prime example of how PPPs can help turn innovative ideas into revolutionary technologies. This presentation will address how PPPs can be leveraged to drive innovation and potential ways to bring together the public and private sectors to exploit extra-terrestrial resources to meet the ever-increasing demands of humanity. Private companies are already outlining business plans to harvest oxygen and water bound up in all the minerals on the Moon, asteroids, and Mars using cost-effective exploration technologies. The speakers will further address the evolution of funding opportunities for new markets and space start-ups. Providing resources from beyond the Earth is now being seen as a logical step forward in the new space economy.