International Lunar Research Station - International Science Project

Day: Monday 2 October
Time: 16:25 - 17:20 AZT (GMT+4)
Location: Heydar Aliyev Center (HAC) Auditorium

The ILRS is a scalable and maintainable comprehensive scientific experiment facility proposed by China and jointly built by many countries, and operates autonomously on the lunar surface and lunar orbit for a long time, with short-term manned participation.It has ability to support energy supply, central control, communication& navigation, space-earth round trip, lunar scientific research and ground support, and continues to carry out multidisciplinary, multi-target, large-scale scientific and technological activities such as scientific exploration and research, resource development and utilization, and cutting-edge technology verification.

For this reason, we provide for details of series of cooperative opportunities for all interested international partners in the phases of the plan, demonstration, design, development, implementation, operation and scientific research of ILRS project during the event. Within speeches, we invite all interested international partners to cooperate in ILRS and contribute more for the peaceful exploration and use of Moon in the interests of all humankind, adhering to the principles of equality, openness and integrity.

Organized by:


Lei WU

Producer and Senior Space Correspondent, CGTN



Qiong WANG

Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center; Deputy Chief Designer of CLEP Chang'e-8 mission, China National Space Administration (CNSA)


Xiangyu XI

Engineer Of System Research Institute, Deep Space Exploration Laboratory


Dengyun YU

Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Committee, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation



Professor and Director of Space Programs, ETH Zürich