E6.2 The U.S. Department of Commerce and the SEIC IAF on PPP Models for Space Resources and Sustainability

Session: 2. Public-Private Partnerships: Traditional and New Space Applications
Day: Wednesday 04.10.2023
Time: 10:15
Room: HAC Balcony 2


Director, Office of Space Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

United States


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

United States

Join our Keynote Speakers for a session on space sustainability and space resource utilization at the IAC 2023! Space resources refer to the natural physical materials and substances that can be found in space and on celestial bodies, such as asteroids, comets, the Moon, and other planets. With the increasing diversity of commercial activity in space, including in-situ resource utilization, there is a corresponding imperative to manage human-made debris, evolve collision avoidance mechanisms, and vastly improve coordination and data sharing among operators. Our Space Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee (SEIC) E6.2 session's experts will discuss the relationships between space sustainability and novel space activities such as in-situ resource utilization and in-space assembly and manufacturing. They will also discuss implications for space operations, facilitation of new commercial activities that can help sustain space ventures, and the new norms and regulatory framework needed to do so safely- in the long term. Our distinguished experts - Dr. Richard DalBello, Director of the Office of Space Commerce - US Department of Commerce, and Nancy C. Wolfson, Chair of the IAF Space Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee (SEIC) and Head of the Working Group (SEIC-WG) on Space Resources Utilization, will each share their insights through their respective presentations. Dr. DalBello will discuss "Achieving Space Sustainability," and Nancy C. Wolfson will discuss the new IAF-SEIC research project, "An Analysis of the United Nations - International Telecommunication Union for Space Resources Future Opportunities. We will conclude the session with an interactive Q&A/Poll.