4th SpaceLand Workshop

18 September 2023

Nestled between the stunning Alps of the 2006 Winter Olympics and the beautiful Italian Riviera, SpaceLand Center's ground, underwater and flight infrastructures are being conceived in the town of Savigliano as an "out-of-this-world" multi-facility open to All. The 4th IAF SpaceLand Conference will present all details about it, educational and business opportunities included. Participants and speakers will be welcome on Monday 18th of September to discuss Europe’s first Microgravity & Sub-orbital Flight Port and its game-changing benefits for an eco-sustainable open-door Space Knowledge Economy, particularly focused on small satellite aero-launching operations and microgravity S.T.E.A.M.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Medicine) Research & Development projects, including Mars-gravity / Moon-gravity / Weightless Flight tourism opportunities open to All. The jaw-dropping venue faces the totemic Mount Monviso and is surrounded by world-renowned vineyards, medieval castles, baroque towns, green hills, fascinating mountains, ancient villages and amazing sightseeing sites. This unique, multi-disciplinary networking event follows previous successful gatherings organized by SpaceLand and endorsed by international institutions; it will feature the proactive participation of aerospace industry, high-tech innovation and science research entities, academic institutions, small and medium enterprises, top-level student teams, aerospace tourism operators and other Space Economy players. In the wake of the successful results of previous SpaceLand workshops (e.g., see the ASI website or https://avionews.it/item/1120120-21st-23rd-october-2nd-spaceland-expo-congress-in-the-island-of-sardinia.html), the meeting will also host the Italian Space Agency's Virtual District annual workshop for Italy's North-West. Details about the trailblazing SpaceLand Center will show how such a unique development for Europe mirrors back its twin Center being designed in Mauritius, as presented by the Head of State to the United Nations for the South Indian Ocean and African territories (www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RthuFMcdfg). With the support of Exos Aerospace and members & affiliates of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), the Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) and international groups such as EuroMoonMars and ArtMoonMars, several SMEs and space professionals will converge to the event also to meet the Italian Association of Engineers (ANI); graduating students of Polytechnical universities and all people interested in microgravity S.T.E.A.M.M. are welcome at the gathering, also non-Space professionals and ordinary citizens interested in aero-launching rockets for satellites, microgravity flights for experiments, utilization of facilities and programs of activities for to-be-astronauts: a unique opportunity to unformally meet the whole microgravity eco-system, investors, industry managers, techno-innovators and researchers to discuss unprecedented avenues of collaboration, democratizing access to weightlessness and Space.

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