Bridging the Space Divide for Developing Countries and Emerging Communities

Day: Wednesday 25 November 2020
Time: 14:00-15:00 CET

The Administrative Committee on Developing Countries and Emerging Communities (ACDCEC) has been formally established to advance the Federation's work with respect to developing countries and emerging communities. The primary objectives of the Committee with respect to serving the needs of Developing Countries and Emerging Communities is to:

  • Share knowledge and provide expert support,
  • Produce tangible benefits
  • Promote active participation in the IAF events and activities.

In deliberating about how best to advance these objectives, the Committee has identified four key work streams, namely, (i) optimise the cost benefit in terms of affordability and accrued value, (ii) improve communications and create awareness of the IAF offerings, (iii) advocate for a better understanding of the full space related benefits; and (iv) increase the representation of experts in IAF events and activities.

We invite experts and interested individuals and organisations from developing countries and emerging communities to join this Global Networking Forum, as the Committee shares what we are planning for you and to partner with us as we put these plans into action. Your association with and inputs into the work of the Committee will be instrumental in informing and shaping these plans, as we enter the implementation phase.

We aim to create an enabling programme that brings added value and benefits to you that ensures the long-term success and sustainability of your space initiatives, activities and career paths. We set out to achieve this through lowering the barriers to entry and improving the accrued benefits to you and your organisation. Ultimately, your success translates to our success, which is wholly contingent upon your buy-in into the work the Committee is setting out to achieve.

We, therefore, invite you to attend, listen to and participate in formulating and executing these exciting plans, so that we best serve you.


Valanathan MUNSAMI

Deputy CEO, Saudi Space Agency (SSA)

Saudi Arabia


Kammy BRUN

Managing Director, HEAD Aerospace Group (HEAD)



Spacecraft Operations, DLR GfR



Deputy Head, Australian Space Agency



Executive Director, Colombian Space Agency (AEC)