European Astronauts' Manifesto

Day: Tuesday 29 March
Time: 19:45 -20:00 CEST
Location: Seine Room, New CAP Conference Centre

Recently, European leaders confirmed their ambitious plans to work closely together to accelerate Europe as a word leader in space. On this regard, European astronauts have written and have released the “European Astronauts Manifesto on 16 February 2022, at the European Space Summit in Toulouse. The European Astronauts promotes the idea of a self-standing access to space in a European spacecraft. Josef Aschbacher, Director General of ESA and Reinhold Ewald, President of ASE Europe will present this idea and discuss its implications.


Josef Aschbacher, Director General, European Space Agency (ESA)

Reinhold Ewald, President, Association of Space Explorers - Europe

Watch again the full session here: