The First International Moon Day 2022

Day: Tuesday 29 March
Time: 18:35 -19:05 CEST
Location: Seine Room, New CAP Conference Centre

The International Moon Day was approved by the UN General Assembly in December 2021, to be celebrated every 20 July as from 2022. The International Moon Day has been proposed by the Moon Village Association and a Group within its organisation has been set up The International Moon Day shall be celebrated thanks to a large spectrum of events, which will be organised with a topdown or bottom-up approach Worldwide. These will aim to reach the general public and younger generations through educational activities, but also the classical space communities, i.e. governments, agencies, industry, NGOs, scientific laboratories, universities, and finance providers.

The panelists will present the preliminary plan for its implementation, this will be followed by Q&A session.

Watch again the full session here: