Connecting @ll Space People in a Challenging Geopolitical Environment

Day: Wednesday 29 March
Time: 18:55 -20:00 CEST
Location: Seine Room, New CAP Conference Centre

Founded in 1951, at a time of high international tensions, the IAF has been able to build and offer a secure platform for the global space community to meet, exchange and connect. Inspired by the same values and principles that have guided it for the past years, the Federation has always firmly believed that, in times of conflict and disagreement, a continuous dialogue is the foundation for peaceful coexistence and cooperation.

The IAF continues to work hard to help policy makers understand the economic, social, political, and scientific value of space. Through our congresses, conferences, publications and studies, knowledge is deepened and shared about how space technology can improve our lives. Through the networking offered at IAF events, the investment in innovation is encouraged and organizations from around the world are able to connect, collaborate and advance scientific and technological knowledge in their countries.

During this roundtable, panelist will discuss the importance and relevance of advocacy bodies like the IAF in connecting @ll space people and in bringing together the global space community despite of political, societal and geographical challenges.

Setting the Scene

  • Christian Feichtinger, IAF Executive Director


  • Leyla Abdullayeva, Ambassador of Azerbaijan in France

  • Mishaal Ashemimry, IAF Vice President for Diversity Initiatives; Aerospace Consultant & Special Advisor to CEO, Saudi Space Commission (SSC)

  • Pascale Ehrenfreund, IAF Past President; President, International Space University (ISU); President, Comittee on Space Research (COSPAR)

  • Steve Eisenhart, IAF Vice President for Global Networking Forum; Senior Vice President, Space Foundation

  • Andreas Lindenthal, IAF Vice President for Industry Relations; Airbus Defence and Space Head of Business Operations Systems

  • Clay Mowry, IAF President; Chief Revenue Officer, Voyager Space Holdings

  • Heriberto Saldivar Massimi, Head of the Foresight, Strategy and Coordination Department, European Space Agency (ESA)


  • Dominique Tilmans, Special Advisor to the IAF President on Parliamentarian and Ministerial Relations; President, EURISY