IAC Milan 2024: Responsible Space for Sustainability

Day: Wednesday 29 March
Time: 18:05 -18:35 CEST
Location: Seine Room, New CAP Conference Centre

The event will be a panel discussion to present the main advancements towards IAC Milan 2024 and to further elaborate on the motto of the congress “Sustainable space for responsibility”, to discover the reasons of this choice by the local hosts and how they intend to give practical effect to it and to ensure of its actual fulfillment during the Congress. A quick in-depth into the scientific and technical meaning of the IAC 2024 motto will follow.

Panel guests are the representatives of the local host and experts of the scientific community. The panelists will be introduced by the moderator, who will then leave the floor to the local hosts to express their different views and to the experts to share their ideas on sustainable space. Questions from the attendees will be welcomed and finally the moderator will draw main conclusions.


  • Erasmo Carrera, President, Italian Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIDAA)

  • Camilla Colombo, Professor, Polytechnic University of Milan

  • Giorgio Saccoccia, President, Italian Space Agency (ASI)

  • Nicole Viola, Professor, Polytechnic University of Turin


  • Nunzia Maria Paradiso, Head of Extra-European Bilateral & Multilateral Relations Office, International Affairs Directorate, Italian Space Agency (ASI)