International Space Forum at Ministerial Level 2024

6th International Space Forum at Ministerial Level – The Gulf Chapter (ISF 2024)
“Space as a game-changer for diplomacy and economic development in the region”

The Forum is addressed to Ministers and Authorities in charge of space activities or those responsible for research, science, technology, education, as well as to Heads of space agencies in the Gulf region. Space agencies of the rest of the world and relevant intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations are also invited as observers.

The discussion will focus on how space science and technology can contribute to a greater development of the region and, in particular, it will focus on the following three main topics, which will be addressed by three keynote speakers:

  • Earth Observation: from technology to applications and services
  • Space exploration: a gateway to the Universe
  • Space visions and policies: sharing experiences and best practices

At the end of the Forum, the delegations will endorse a final declaration, “The Manama Page”, detailing the view of the participating countries on their needs, perspectives and recommendations. This Manama Page will be added to the Trento Space Statement (first ISF in 2016), to the Nairobi Page (ISF 2017), the Buenos Aires Page (ISF 2018), the Reggio Calabria Page (ISF 2019) and the Panama City Page (ISF 2023).

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