Published on July 6, 2018

GLAC 2018 - Plenary 1: High Level Panel on Space Applications for Socio-Economic Growth

Global Space Applications Conference - GLAC 2018
21 - 23 May 2018
Plenary 1: High Level Panel on Space Applications for Socio-Economic Growth

Since the opening of the space frontier, with the launch of Sputnik in 1957, Space has become a utility in our daily lives. Like that initial Sputnik launch, Neil Armstrong’s walk on the Moon, and Hubble Space Telescope Pictures, Space still brings great wonder and inspiration, incredible technical and human achievements, and tantalizes our imaginations. However, and perhaps more importantly, space has also become an essential and foundational ingredient for civilization. In short, space applications are fundamental contributors to stable societies, and to the growth of these societies, their economies, and the well-being of their citizens. Whether through telecommunications, remote sensing, GPS navigation, or other space applications, we simply cannot imagine today’s world without these and many other space applications. The distribution of space applications and their impacts, however, are unequal – as is the distribution of economic, social, educational, and quality-of-life opportunities around the world – creating both challenges and opportunities for economic and sisal growth around the world. This two-part panel discussion addressed some of the key drivers of space applications in today’s developed and emerging economies, and articulated how space is being used around the world for socio-economic growth today, and in the future. We particularly focused on the application of space for positive outcomes in Central and South America, and cultivated discussion on innovative partnerships and collaborations to help further the benefits of space applications for socio-economic growth of all people everywhere.