Published on November 18, 2019

Thursday IAC 2019 GNF : Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS market

The all-new 2019 GSA GNSS Market Report will be launched in October, and this session provides a sneak peek at the market intelligence and insight you’ll find inside.

When it comes to GNSS market intelligence and insight, the GSA’s GNSS Market Report sets the standard. Regularly referenced by policy-makers and business leaders around the world, the publication has earned its reputation as the go-to resource for an in-depth look at GNSS macro trends, and market opportunities and trends across an array of key market segments. The 2019 edition has expanded the number of segments and applications covered, now including: consumer solutions, road, manned aviation, drones, maritime, rail, emergency response, agriculture, geomatics, and critical infrastructures. In addition, the 2019 editor’s special looks at new frontiers with GNSS and New Space. The report serves a wide variety of industries, private businesses, institutions and public stakeholders.