Published on November 14, 2019

Tuesday IAC 2019 Highlight Lecture 1 MARSIS

The recent finding of evidences of the presence of liquid water in the depths of the Martian South Polar Layered Deposits occurs
after almost a decade of analysis of the data produced by the two sounding Italian lead radar around Mars. The case for Mars
is intriguing due to the role that water has surely played in the shaping of the present aspect of the planet, and for the role that
the presence of water had for the possible insurgence of life forms. Water, liquid or as ice, is a central element for the future of
Mars exploration being the main resource needed in the case of the human exploration. Sounding radars are now considered the
best technology to assess remotely the presence, amount and nature of water ice also under the Martian surface. Radars are key
instruments for the present and future of planetary exploration.