Published on November 15, 2019

Wednesday IAC 2019 Plenary 5: Heads of Emerging Agencies

Emerging countries have awakened to the realisation and appreciation of the impact thatspace science and technology can make
in addressing its socio-economic challenges. However, the benefits of these services have accrued to these countries indirectly,
as a consumer of services and products provided by multi-national companies and inter-governmental agencies. While some of
these products and services have traditionally helped to serve the social and economic needs of the emerging countries, the
level of self-reliance and self-sufficiency has been gradually increasing. Thus, the technology maturity levels and ambitions of
emerging countries have been growing to the point of finding global relevance, which is demonstrated by the increasing number
of international collaboration initiatives between developed nations and emerging countries.
In this respect, emerging countries present a significant growth potential, especially given their nascent technology readiness
levels compared to other developed and space enabled regions of the world.