AED Cluster Portugal

Association and Professional SocietyMember since 2009


AED Cluster Portugal (AEDCP) is the Portuguese Cluster for the Aeronautics, Space and Defence Industries and was created in 2016, as a private non-for-profit organization. In 2017, we received the label of “Strategic National Competitiveness Cluster” for Aeronautics, Space and Defence from the Portuguese Government.

Involving already more than 70 entities established in Portugal, the Cluster gathers the main stakeholders from the three sectors, being able to act as an entry point and a one-stop-shop in Portugal, for all national and international players.

AED Cluster Portugal strategic objectives lie within four main building blocks- Funding and Regulatory, People and Competences, Innovation and Value, Markets and Opportunities -, with a clear mission to promote the advancement and consolidation of Portugal as an international reference on the Aeronautics, Space and Defence global industries.