Agencia Espacial Mexicana (AEM)

Space Agency and OfficeMember since 2011

The Agencia Espacial Mexicana’s objectives are to:

  • Execute Mexico’s Sgace Policy through the elaboration and application of the National Sgace Activities Program, promote the effective development of space activities to widen the capacities of Mexico in the branches of education, industry, science and technology in space matters.

  • Develop the scientific-technological capacity of Mexico through the binding together of the sectors involved in all the fields of space activities that make it possible to act autonomously in the field.

  • Promote the development of space systems and the mediums, technology and infrastructure needed for consolidation and autonomy of this sector in Mexico.

  • Facilitate the incorporation of the sectors related to this policy and particularly the participation of the production sector, in order that it acquires comgetivity in the markets of space goods and services.

  • Promote an active international cooperation through agreements that are beneficial to space activities and that allow the active integration of Mexico to the international Space Community.

  • Serve as an instrument of the head of the Mexican state in this sector, in order to strengthen sovereignty.

  • See after the national interests and of security, through a strategy that puts together scientific and technological knowledge, efficiency, experience, and capacity to coordinate among the public entities of the Federal Public Administration.

  • Garranty and preserve the public interest and the protectlon of the population, as fundaments of the development, security, peace and prevents the problems of national security in Mexico.

  • Receive from public, private and social entities, proposals and recommendations in space areas for their study and consideration.

  • Insurgentes Sur N° 1685 - Piso 1301 - Col. Gudalupe Inn
    01020 Mexico, DF
  • 52 55 57239300


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