ArkEdge Space Inc.

Space IndustryMember since 2022


ArkEdge Space Inc. is a fast-growing Japanese start-up company specialized in the design, manufacturing, and rapid delivery of low-cost nanosatellites for both low earth orbit and deep space exploration missions. Our 3U and 6U standardized and modular bus systems can accommodate any type of mission payload and adapt to its requirements. Our satellites also come equipped with a proprietary LoRa communication payload enabling IoT applications worldwide, regardless of ground connectivity. ArkEdge Space’s 3U and 6U CubeSats can be operated alone or as part of a constellation, and can support a multitude of missions across a wide range of business applications, from geological survey to maritime safety, from disaster monitoring to agricultural improvement. Having drastically reduced our production costs by streamlining our designs and optimizing our manufacturing process, ArkEdge Space is able to provide you with an unprecedented low-cost and quick delivery service, allowing you to get into space cheaper and faster.