Association and Professional SocietyMember since 2020


The purpose of the association is the procurement and implementation of basic and applied research and development activities, especially in the following areas:

  • Philosophical research
  • Legal research
  • Engineering / technical research

The association is mainly active in the three areas mentioned above. Philosophical research extends in particular to the field of philosophical consideration with regard to extraterrestrial life in Relation to new human life forms on and outside planet Earth. Research and action ethics in relation to religion and society. Research and development of technical and socio-economic influences on the individual by the aerospace industry. The jurisprudential research extends in particular to the field of possible and necessary regulations of research, technology, science and society. Development of new social models and contract constructs. Development of community structures and their legislative needs for the human life on and off planet Earth. Technical research shall cover in particular the development of satellites, the development of spacecraft and control systems, for Avoidance of threats to humans from the air/space; (2) Preparation of studies on the properties, characteristics and processes of mutual influence of natural and artificial factors, and emissions in the aerospace industry. Promotion and implementation of Basic research in the field of space travel. cooperation with universities and other research institutions in the field of air and Space technology. Development and maintenance of expert knowledge; creation of Expertise for users in the aerospace industry. The purpose of the association is to promote the research ideally and materially, to Members in activities aimed at the fulfilment of tasks in science, Research and management in the field of aerospace research and other scientific and technical fields, in accordance with support. An essential purpose of the association is the establishment, maintenance and administration of research institutions, as well as the associated immovable and movable equipment. A further task is the promotion of a social association life on democratic base.