Astronautical Society of India

Association and Professional SocietyMember since 1958

The Astronautical Society of India (ASI) was set up in 1990 to foster the development of astronautics in the country. ASI is engaged in the dissemination of technical and other information related to astronautics by conducting technical meetings, bringing out technical publications and organising exhibitions.

The society is also playing an active role to promote the interests of other developing countries in the field of astronautics through the International Astronautical Federation, Paris, in which the ASI is a voting member. ASI has, on its roll, eminent personalities in the field of astronautics as Honorary Fellows/Fellows. A Programme Council consisting of elected Honorary Fellows/Fellows with Chairman, Space Commission, as its Ex-officio Chairman, overseas the functioning of the Society.

An Executive Council consisting of 9 members including the President and Vice President, Executive Secretary and Treasurer, elected by the General Body, looks after the day-to-day administration of the society. The Aryabhata Award and the four ASI awards are instituted by ASI, and also four ASI-ISRO awards, Best Women Scientist award, Young Scientist award and Team achievement awards are instituted by ASI and ISRO jointly are aimed at recognizing the talented Indian individuals who have made significant contributions in fostering astronautics in India.