Space Agency and OfficeMember since 2018

Established in 2010, Azercosmos is the first and only satellite operator in the South Caucasus region, providing satellite-delivered telecommunication and Earth observation services to enterprises and governmental institutions across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central and South Asia and the CIS region.

Azercosmos’ satellites, Azerspace-1 (46º E) and Azerspace-2 (45.1º E), offer a wide range of telecommunication services, whilst Azercosmos’ Earth observation (EO) satellite Azersky/SPOT-7 provides a number of EO solutions in various regions, including agriculture, cartography, urban planning and monitoring, updating cadastral data, the study of oil pollution in sea and seaside, defense, security, and others.

Operating 3 satellites, Azercosmos keeps customized excellence at the heart of the organization and aims to contribute to peace and prosperity all over the world.

Apart from satellite operations, Azercosmos seeks to drive technological advancement in the company through research and development activities, bringing together brilliant minds from spheres such as software development, artificial intelligence, aerospace and robotics. Their activities include the design of small launchers and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as the development of corporate software solutions. With the purpose of increasing interest in the younger generation into research and development within the space field, Azercosmos has been holding world-class competitions, such as Cansat Azerbaijan (since 2018), ActInSpace Hackathon (2018) and NASA Space Apps Hackathon (2019) and involving participants from all over Azerbaijan.

In pursuing the company’s mission and aspiring to reach its vision, Azercosmos provides to the community and tries to continuously contribute to something bigger than itself. Azercosmos’ CSR objectives are built around the ambition of encouraging the development of highly skilled talent in the space field, supporting an innovative ecosystem around the space industry, aiding leadership, teamwork, and creativity among the youth, as well as increasing the welfare of the community.

Azercosmos is a proud host of one of the world’s most prestigious and unique events – the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). Held in Baku in 1973 for the first time, the IAC will return to Baku in 2023, 50 years later. With utmost confidence and strong determination, Azercosmos will welcome the global space community to Baku in 2023 and offer an exceptional congress experience, immersing participants into the elegant fusion of the past and the future.