Canadensys Aerospace Corporation

Space IndustryMember since 2019


Canadensys Aerospace Corporation is a Canadian-owned and managed space systems and services company, incorporated under the laws of Ontario. With a focus on accessible space, the company is founded on heritage and expertise spanning a number of Canada’s historic space achievements of the last 3 decades, blended with micro-and nano-space technologies and modern, commercial business approaches to space programme and mission development.

Leveraging the performance available from today’s smaller systems and applying modern, commercial business models to space development, Canadensys is dedicated to doing its part in providing more affordable missions, to more people and in more accessible ways to ensure everyone can truly participate and share in the knowledge, advancement, economic return and sheer adventure of global space exploration. Offerings span missions, systems, instruments and subsystems in support of science and exploration initiatives to Earth Orbit, Moon, Mars and beyond. Canadensys is deeply engaged in the area of lunar exploration with a particular emphasis on affordable robust approaches to long duration operations on the lunar surface. The company also has a minor portion of its activities addressing terrestrial markets, with spin-offs from its space business. Approximately 30% of its activities support government customers (CSA, NASA, ESA, defence) and 70% support commercial customers. Revenues are equally divided between export and domestic customers.


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