Center of Space Exploration, Ministry of Education (COSE)

UniversityMember since 2014

Center of space exploration, Ministry of Education (referred to as ”COSE”) is supported by Chongqing University and has 28 key domestic universities as its participating institutions, such as Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing University, Chongqing University, Tongji University, Zhajiang University, Southeast University, Shangdong University, Sichuan University and so on. Its main work is to coordinate research on deep space exploration field among universities, and is dedicated to the research and popularization of deep space exploration and actively promote application and development of space just as IAF.

COSE integrates the resources of colleges and universities and undertake the research tasks of deep space detection technologies and projects, so as to serve the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, General armaments department and other departments and enterprises such as China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and so on, as well as to make contributions to the development of deep space detection of China,

COSE explores the mechanism of graduate student education and cultivate applied professional high-level talents. It will strengthen the construction of related disciplines of deep space detection, establish the disciplines such as the mechanical structure, environmental science and engineering (space environment), aerospace strategy and so on.

COSE tracks the development trend in the aerospace field, and promote the integration of enterprises, education and research.

COSE will work on the popularization of deep space exploration, invite both domestic and foreign well-known experts to give lectures on a regular basis, so as to improve the aerospace science literacy of students and citizens.

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