Centro de Investigación y Difusión Aeronáutico Espacial (CIDA-E)

Research and DevelopmentMember since 1985

CIDA-E was created in 1975, as a state organisation with the following objectives:

  • to study and to promote the study of aeronautic and space issues,

  • to disseminate the results of its researches and studies,

  • to advice and collaborate with the Uruguayan Air Force, the Civil Aviation Authority and other public and private organisations linked with aerospace issues.

In addition the Center has promoted the approval and ratification of several aeronautic and space treaties:

  • it has set up Uruguay´s position in these areas in many international organisations (COPUOS, CEA, ITU, ICAO, etc.) and under its auspices, Uruguay became a Member of COPUOS,

  • it has published more than a hundred articles and it issues an annual review of worldwide circulation containing aeronautic and space articles written by national and foreign experts,

  • it organises regularly academic activities and participates in several national and international meetings (ICAO, IAF, IISL, LACAC, ALADA, etc.),

  • it is member of IAF and IISL and it keeps cooperation relationships with many other institutes and organisations (INDAE, ALADA, Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Aeronáutico y Espacial y de la Aviación Comercial, etc.).