HEAD Aerospace Group (HEAD)

Space IndustryMember since 2012


HEAD Aerospace Group (HEAD) is a private company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Beijing, China with subsidiaries and joint laboratories located in Shanghai, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and France.

HEAD is a reliable and proven business partner based on its successful collaboration experience to assist international companies to commercialize their space products in China. Over the last 10 years, HEAD contributed to more than 100 space related missions in Chinese space programs, such as Lunar Exploration, Manned Space, Navigation, Telecommunications, Remote Sensing, etc., based on its international partnership.

With its global vision and approach, HEAD is transforming its positioning to become a commercial satellite operator by investing in its own small AIS/IoTsatellite constellation “SkyWalker”. The HEAD-1 satellite as part of the constellation was successfully launched in November 2017. In addition to its own constellation, through a strategic partnership with the Chinese national Earth observation operators, HEAD has access to a wide portfolio of Chinese civilian on-orbit Earth observation (EO) satellite. Through a data fusion approach of EO and AIS data, HEAD will provide commercial value-added services to various sectors including maritime, IoT, agriculture, finance, etc.