Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y de Arquitectos de Costa Rica (CFIA)

Association and Professional SocietyMember since 2019

The Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Costa Rica (CFIA) is a professional society, with its own legal status and equity, and has been vested with the rights, obligations, powers, and attributions granted by the law.

It is an independent body that is not subject or subordinated to any state institutions and has jurisdiction throughout the national territory.

CFIA is the organization responsible for controlling and regulating professional practice in engineering and architecture, giving the license to professionals to practice the profession in which they are registered.

Specifically in the aerospace area, CFIA has approximately 10 years giving technical support in the development of projects in science and technology in aerospace topics in Costa Rica and the Central American region, for example the first Central American satellite. Much of the work is focused in training and capacity building. Educating young students and children in this field is one of the main aims of the organization as well as the search for new professional opportunities and their linkage with the aerospace sector.

Being the professional association in Costa Rica in engineering and architecture, it is a government consultation entity in technical matters and collaborator in the creation of public policies.

  • Next to Indoor Club in Curridabat
    2347 1000 San Jose
    Costa Rica
  • (506) 2103-2200 / 2103-CFIA (2342)


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