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COMSPOC Corp. is a US-based industry leader in SSA solutions delivering highly precise, accurate, timely and responsive Space Situational Awareness (SSA) capabilities to address current and emerging challenges in the space operational environment, arising from intentional threat as well as natural hazards. In 2014, the Commercial Space Operations Center was established.

COMSPOC products and services leverage proven algorithms hosted and cloud-based enterprise solutions, open standard designs and se ce-oriented architecture capability to meet large-scale problems such as SSA for maintaining a catalog of thousands (or more) objects in space and Space Domain Awareness (SDA) for characterizing events in space. COMSPOC is also an industry leader in performing research helping to develop, establish and implement international standards, and advocating for responsible space safety and best practices in national security, international civil, commercial, and academic space communities.

COMSPOC supports the space operations community with software products and services that address current and emerging challenges in the space environment. Our safety of flight and mission assurance services and products are the most accurate, precise, and complete in the private sector.

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