CosmoX Aerospace Research Company

Research and DevelopmentMember since 2013

Cosmoexport Aerospace Research Agency was founded on October 3, 2002. The company promotes a wide range of aerospace activities including carrying out research and development of project feasibility studies for implementation of aerospace technologies, promotion of the independent expertise of the aerospace studies, marketing and sales of products and services in the aerospace and related areas in different regions of the world, science-consuming product delivery and technology transfer services for Russian and other countries’ customers including provision of necessary coordination with Russian authorities, guaranteed continuous support of the delivered technical systems, comprehensive training programs both in Russia and customer’s country to guarantee continuity in aerospace systems operation and maintenance.

The company promotes non-commercial activities by popularization of aerospace education and assistance in dissemination of aerospace knowledge in Russia and abroad.

The company has licenses and other packages of documents issued by Federal Space Agency and other Russian state entities and required for above mentioned activities including aerospace activity.