EngineRoom.io Pty Ltd

Space IndustryMember since 2021


EngineRoom.io® has developed and adopted an innovative high-performance liquid immersion cooling technology. HYDRA Liquid Immersion cooling boosts server performance and reliability. It also slashes energy consumption and facility build costs, significantly lowering costs for HPC services.

EngineRoom.io® is a Data Consultancy and specialist HPC Service Provider with a track record in data intensive applications including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Quantum Computing, Image Analytics and GIS.

We lend our passion for innovation and high performance to helping customers supercharge their data and driving sustainable business advantage.

EngineRoom.io® combines smart next-level thinking, high-performance computing platforms and tools along with data pipeline expertise to help organizations solve complex, large scale data challenges.

We have used our expertise to help our customers develop cancer treatments, identify corporate fraud, predict athlete susceptibility to injury, identify dark matter, predict credit defaults, optimise loyalty reward programme stickiness, and much more.

Using innovate, cost optimised solutions EngineRoom brings the benefits of high-performance computing to new customers and use cases.

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