European Space Foundation

Association and Professional SocietyMember since 2021


Our mission is to foster a thriving global community of space explorers. We are bringing together top professionals from space—faring countries and new talents and ideas from the aspiring areas to create new synergies.

By connecting people with fresh insight and alternative approaches with the existing resources and experience we ignite the New Space Renaissance, defined by promoting diverse, international, partnership-driven opportunities and sustainability. Following the philosophy behind the Global Sustainable Development Goals, we hope to become a space community gateway for many, including underprivileged countries, regions, and scientific communities.

  1. COMMUNITY BUILDING AND OUTREACH Setting up community platforms, organizing events, campaigns, and programs, publishing and content development, exploring possible career paths for the new generation of specialists in the upstream, downstream, human exploration, and space science sectors.


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    31-044 Krakow