Finnish Astronautical Society

Association and Professional SocietyMember since 1964

Finnish Astronautical Society [Suomen avaruustutkimusseura, SATS (Finnish), Sällskapet för astronautisk forskning i Finland, SAFF (Swedish)] is an ideological association, which aims to advance space research, space activities and public knowledge of space engineering in Finland.

The society was founded in 1959. The main activities include arranging and taking part in space related events, model rocketry and hybrid rocket activities. The society co-operates with other space related institutions and societies in Finland.

The membership magazine “Avaruusluotain” [Space probe] has four issues per year and is mailed to the members. The magazine includes articles on current Finnish space activities and research, event reports, hobby activities, and historical reviews. Although the magazine is mainly in Finnish, it also has some articles in Swedish. The membership is available for any person interested in space activities. Currently the society has got 8 company members.