Fondazione E. Amaldi

Research and DevelopmentMember since 2020


Fondazione E. Amaldi is the new Italian model for applied research, technology transfer and the promotion and support of the national scientific heritage. Born in 2017 from the will of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and from the Hypatia Research Consortium, it aims to offer a new way of interpreting applied science.

Our mission is to support and promote scientific research aimed at technology transfer, focusing in particular on the space sector. We consider space a fundamental tool for the economic development of Italy, and therefore an exceptional source of innovation and improvement for the Country.

Our vision is to represent a scalable example of an innovation accelerator best practice and a creative force of networks between enlightened private companies and the public sector.

Within the Fondazione E. Amaldi there are 6 departments:

  1. Business Applications: The Business Application Department aims at facilitating and promoting start-ups and SMEs, which make use of space technologies, in developing their business models and accessing the opportunities of alternative finance, both public and private.

  2. Advance Manufacturing: The Advance Manufacturing Department takes care of the study and the optimization of the Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) additive productive process, i.e. the layer-by-layer fusion of metal powder.

  3. Life Sciences: The Life Sciences Department is mainly focused on the design, development and characterization of devices suitable for a technology transfer process in the field of life sciences.

  4. EO and Telecoms: The EO and Telecoms Department develops algorithms for information extraction from EO data.

  5. Electronics and New Materials: The Electronics and New Materials Department deals with thin-film technologies and the development of complex materials through the use of PED (Pulsed Electron Deposition) technologies and sputtering.

  6. Finance for Innovation: The Finance for Innovation Department offers a portfolio of opportunities that harmonize technology and finance supporting entrepreneurs, SMEs and companies in accessing blended finance coming from the European Union and European Space Agency initiatives and form Business Angels, Venture Capitalist and Corporates.