Gokmen Space and Aviation Training Center (GUHEM)

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GUHEM is the first interactive space-themed center which aims at raising younger generations with research aspirations in high technology fields and increasing the international competitiveness of Turkey with indigenous and national technologies. The objective of GUHEM is to enable science enthusiasts from all ages to receive valuable knowledge and experience on space, aviation and technology, and to inspire younger generations by creating awareness.
With education and experience-oriented perspective, GUHEM adopts an up-to-date, dynamic learning approach that encourages individual efforts with practices focused on experiment and invention. The Center has 154 interactive education systems, Aviation Training Center, Space Innovation Laboratory, Chemistry, and Biology Laboratory and Mathematics, Robotic Programming, Space, Aviation Workshops. GUHEM which is the largest center in Europe and one of the five centers in the world won an award at the European Property Awards in the category of Public Buildings in 2019.

  • Altinova Mah. Fuar Cad. No:23 a Blok
    16250 Bursa